A downloadable game for Windows

This twin-stick-style-shooter puts you in charge of helping a population to grow... but the denser the population the more likely you are to face collapse! End the game before everything falls apart. 

Dreamed up while following Tom Francis's GameMaker tutorials. Developed for Probably Jam 2020.

w-a-s-d to move
mouse to aim
click to launch a pod

pods increase the size of colonies

when colonies turn green, they are full sized

if a full size colony grows it turns critical

run into a colony to reabsorb it, but shoot out random pods

if a critical colony grows it explodes
sending out escape pods and desctructive shards

get as many full size colonies as you can
before your population density becomes a crisis
then hit the space bar to end the game and save your score


density crisis.exe 3.4 MB

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